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Alone and Unafraid hopes symbolize the strength in people everywhere to summon the courage within to finish the challenges they have started, face the unappreciated day to day grind that makes it hard to get up in the morning or to fight through the hard times. 

Alone and Unafraid was founded in 2008 as a Veteran based t-shirt company. After much early success including an award from the Veteran's Administration for being a veteran activist company, Alone and Unafraid formally relaunched in July of 2016 as Alone and Unafraid American Clothing Company. Seeing the value in our brand name, we are transforming our message to apply to all people. We believe the message of empowerment, personal strength, and personal power is too important not to share with everyone. We are now growing beyond t-shirts focusing on veteran graphics to include many new self-branded styles and a full line of fitness apparel.

Our products are made in clothing mills around the United States, Manufactured of American fabrics, knitted and woven from American produced raw materials. We believe in living wages, We believe American Manufacturing is possible and profitable even in the highly competitive low margin world of garment production. Alone and Unafraid is out to show the world that you can provide quality American made products to rival large producers like Under Armour, Dickies, and Nike and still make them affordable enough for every consumer.*** 

Thank you to everyone who has come along on this journey with us. 

5% of sales is donated to the Semper Fi Fund. From time to time limited edition shirts will be offered to provide support to other charities as needed. Details will be well displayed on the product page. 

***Under Armour, Dickies, and Nike are all registered trademarks.  Their names are not used on this page or in any business activity of Alone and Unafraid for any commercial or promotional gain.

Alone and Unafraid is not a brand

Its a symbol of strength you brand on yourself

its the badge you wear to show the world you recognize your power

your acknowledgement of all you can accomplish

you control your destiny

you decide whether to win or to lose

You are strong

you are capable

you are

Alone and Unafraid


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